Meeting Agendas

The Northern Regional Police Department maintains a library of meeting agendas and meeting minutes to be made available to the general public directly through this website. The below table includes information about every meeting, as well as links to any relevent and corresponding calendar events. If a document is unavailable to download, you may be able to request a copy by contacting us directly.

Joint Police Board Meeting Agendas

Meeting DateDownload AgendaDownload Minutes
November 17th, 2022DownloadDownload
October 28th, 2022DownloadDownload
September 28th, 2022DownloadDownload
August 24th, 2022DownloadDownload
July 27th, 2022DownloadDownload
June 22nd, 2022DownloadDownload
May 25th, 2022DownloadDownload
April 27th, 2022DownloadDownload
March 23rd, 2022DownloadDownload
February 23rd, 2022DownloadDownload
January 26th, 2022DownloadDownload
November 18th, 2021DownloadDownload
October 27th, 2021DownloadDownload
September 22nd, 2021DownloadDownload
August 25th, 2021 DownloadDownload
July 28th, 2021DownloadDownload
List of all Northern Regional Police Department joint police board meeting agendas available for users to download. The table also links to individually-added meeting events on the site’s event calendar. Meeting minutes may be kept here for the purpose of open recordkeeping. If you cannot find what you are looking for, feel free to contact us or to file a Right-to-Know request if you believe the information you’re looking for exists in the public domain.