Traffic Enforcement & Truck Inspections

Traffic Enforcement Overview

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Commerical Vehicle Information

The Northern Regional Police Department participates in the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Assistance Program (MCSAP) aimed to educate and regulate oversight to prevent crashes and save lives.

When most people think of commercial vehicles, they think of a tractor trailer or tri-axle dump truck. Although they are correct, there are many types of commercial vehicles on our local roadways. Some business owners and/or employees may not be aware they are operating commercial vehicles and as a results could be subjected to fines and or penalties.

An example of this would be a tow truck, contactor or landscaper. If you find yourself operating a vehicle, or combination of vehicles, with a weight rating over 17,001lbs then you are considered a commercial vehicle and are subject to Title 49 of the Federal Regulations as well as Title 75 of the Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Code. If you are operating between states, the weight rating lowers to 10,001lbs. This would be those who are registered in Pennsylvania and do work in neighboring states and vice versa.

Weight of Vehicle

If the vehicle or combination you are operating is over 17,001lbs., the company must obtain a DOT number. It is free and can be obtained by applying here. After a DOT number is issued, it must be placed on both sides of the vehicle, along with the business name, in contrasting color and visible from 50 feet.

Do you need a medical card? A current medical card is needed if you operate a single vehicle or combination of vehicles that exceeded 17,001lbs. They can be be obtained at most docotr’s offices, just ask for the DOT exam. Medical cards are good for no more than 2 years at a time.

Do you need a Commerical Driver’s license? See the attached flow chart.

Trailer Weight

Trailers over 3,000lbs must have an emergency break away system that is in working condition. If it is not, the trailer will be placed out of service. Also, if towing with a ball and coupler or pintle hook, the trailer must be secured with 2 tow chians which are to be crossed under the tongue. The chains should not be dragging on the ground. Equipment such as a wood chipper or a cement mixer or similar, do not need to be registered.