Special Response Team


The Northern Regional Police Department is one of the two founding members of the North Hills Special Response Team (NHSRT). What began in 2005 was a need for a fast tactical response team and a bunch of Officers working to make it happen. Since 2005 NHSRT has grown exponentially. There are now 17 Municipalities participating with NHSRT covering the vast majority of the northern part of Allegheny County. Officers and Medics from each of the 17 Municipalities participate in a variety of positions on the team.

The team consists of a Commander, Team Leader, three Assistant Team Leaders, SWAT Operators, Sniper/ Observer teams, Crisis Negotiators, Tactical EMS, a Tactical ER Nurse, and a Trauma Physician. The team is governed by three Chiefs of Police, which make up the Chief’s oversight committee. Each member of the team must go through a strict selection process to include a recommendation by their employer, a physical agility test, firearms proficiency test, and an oral interview. Once selected for assignment to the team, the member must pass an approved Basic SWAT Operator course. Upon successful completion of the course, members are assigned to the team in a probationary status.


Team training is held for a minimum of 16 hours per month for TEMS and SWAT Operators, and 24 hours per month for Sniper/ Observer Teams. The training calendar is in accordance with NTOA standards.

Types of Calls

NHSRT responds primarily for critical incidents such as hostage situations, armed and barricaded individuals, high risk warrant services, and active shooter incidents. NHSRT also has knowledgeable instructors in various disciplines which assist other agencies in the North Hills with continually training their Officers. NHSRT members are also highly visible at community events with all of our “big trucks” and equipment.

NRPD Members

The Northern Regional Police Department is fortunate to have six members representing us on the NHSRT. Amongst our members we have a Team Commander, Assistant Team Leader / Squad Leader, Two Snipers, and Two Operators.