Collision Reconstruction


The Northern Regional Police Department Collision Reconstruction Division was established in the late 1990’s. The department’s collision reconstructionist(s) respond to all serious and fatal motor vehicle crashes within our jurisdiction; alongside assisting other agencies throughout the North Hills as needed. In order to accurately reconstruct an accident scene, our deconstructionist(s) employ a variety of tools such as, a Total Station laser measuring device and mapping software, a Bosch CDR Kit to image airbag control modules and other electronic data recorders from vehicles and a Vericomm VC4000 brake meter to measure roadway friction data. These tools are owned and house at the Northern Regional Police Station and are readily accessible shall they need to be utilized.


The training and knowledge required to become a Reconstructionist is extensive. Our reconstructionists are trained through the PA State Police, the University of North Florida’s Institute for Police Training and Management, and the Pennsylvania Institute for Law Enforcement Education. These training allow our reconstructionist to investigate all manners of collisions, including but not limited to: automobiles, heavy trucks, motorcycles, pedestrians, and bicycles. The head of the NRPD Collision Reconstruction Division is Sgt. Matthew Blough. Sgt. Blough has been certified through the Accreditation Commission for Traffic Accidents Reconstructionists.

Types of Calls

The Northern Regional Police Department Reconstruction Division responds to all fatal crashes as well as crashes involving serious/critical injuries in which a significant risk of subsequent death may occur. Reconstructionists are routinely consulted by Patrol Officers concerning other non-fatal crashes.