Pine – Marshall – Bradford Woods Regional

Pine-Marshall-Bradfordwoods Police Department

Without the protective umbrella of a single and unified police force, each of the three municipalities – Pine, Marshall, and Bradford Woods – had struggled with individual police departments for many years. To solve this problem, the Pine – Marshall – Bradford Woods police force was created in 1969 (over 50 years ago). Having considered the increasing difficulty of patrolling these three mostly rural municipalities, officials chose to take a giant step forward. Such a step was so giant, in fact, that ours became the first joint police department in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

The new police department was headquartered at Pearce Mill Road’s Pine Township Municipal Building. This strategic positioning decision offered around-the-clock protection to the residents of Pine, Marshall, and Bradford Woods.

A Police Board, with whom the Chief of Police would meet, was established to oversee operations at the newly-established department. The board was made up of elected officials from the three municipalities.