A Message from Chief John Sicilia

Welcome to the Northern Regional Police Department’s website. The Department was established in 2006 after Richland twp joined the already established Pine-Marshall-Bradford Woods Joint Police Department. Since then, NRPD has been a model department for municipalities nationwide who are looking to regionalize their police force.

NRPD is located in Allegheny County approximately 20 miles north of Pittsburgh, Pa and borders Butler County to the north and Beaver County to the west. Currently the Department has 40 full time police officers and 2 full time administrative assistants. The Department’s rank structure is as follows; Chief of Police, Captain, Lieutenant, Sergeants, Detectives and Patrol. Officers at our Department have many opportunities to receive specialized training by being part of elite units such as; North Hills Special Response Team, Accident Investigation, Traffic Unit, Investigations, K9, School Resource Officer and multiple Federal and Local Task Forces.

We have a very simple philosophy at NRPD. We treat all people we encounter with dignity and respect. We understand people do bad things or are in bad situations but inherently people are good and we look for the good in people during our interactions. We provide our officers with the best equipment and training possible to make sure we are putting the best officers we possibly can on the streets protecting our community.

Please take the opportunity to say hi to one of our officers. I think you will be pleasantly surprised how much like you they are.

Be well,

Chief John A. Sicilia