Richland Township

Richland Township Police Department was founded in 1955 and was under the command of Chief of Police Harold Kendrick. After the retirement announcement of Chief Donald Lofgren, the Richland Township Board of Supervisors had a meeting with the Pine Marshall Bradford Woods Police Board to discuss the possibility of the Richland Township Police Department joining the Regional department.

After a yearlong study and due diligence done by the Police Board and all four Municipal Boards, the Richland Township Police Department joined the Regional Department on January 1, 2006. With the four municipalities together the name of the police department was set to be Northern Regional Police Department providing police service to the communities of Bradford Woods, Marshall, Pine and Richland.

Police Chief History

  • Chief Harold Kendrick 1955-1976
  • Chief Thomas Boliver 1976-1977
  • Chief James Hopper 1978-1985
  • Chief Donald Lofgren 1985-2004