Pine-Marshall-Bradford Woods

Pine-Marshall-Bradford Woods Police Department

Up until the late 1950’s, Pine Township had only one constable for the protection of its residents. In 1958, Harry English, who had served as constable prior to the establishment of a police department, and Richard Baer were hired by the township as part-time police officers.

For the next decade the force grew, but so did the population, and it became apparent that a long-term solution was needed to meet the ever -increasing needs of the residents of Pine Township. The idea for a joint police force is credited to Police Chief Richard Baer, whose foresight had brought about an effective solution to carry Pine Township and its neighboring municipalities in the 21st century.

Now under the protective umbrella of one police force, each of the three municipalities-Pine, Marshall, and Bradford Woods-had struggled with individual police departments for many years. In 1969-more than 47 years ago-the Pine-Marshall-Bradfordwoods police force was created. With the increasing difficulties in patrolling these three mostly rural municipalities, officials in the areas took a giant step forward-so giant, in fact, that ours became the first joint police department in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

The police department was headquartered at the Pine Township municipal building on Pearce Mill Road which offered round the clock protection to the residents of Pine, Marshall, and Bradford Woods. There was a Police Board created which the Police Chief would meet with, that Board was made up of elected officials from the three municipalities.

Police Chief History

  • Chief Richard R. Baer 1969-1988
  • Chief Rudolph A. Vojtko 1988-1997
  • Chief T. Robert Amann 1997-Current